Story of a 650 sq feet apartment got jaw dropping transformation with wood blinds!

It’s not more than a couple of month’s back I shifted to a 650 sq ft. apartment near Inwood and guess what happened when you select a strata apartment to shift? It got an amazing transformation within few bloody hours. Sounds more of a cock and bull story?

Well, it’s quite normal for you to think, initially. But not when I tell you how amazing wood blinds rebooted an old getup of an apartment, you will believe it soon that drapes is the other name of interior architectural renovation.

In the beginning, I was completely clueless and had barely any idea how am I going to renovate it. After spending little time in the internet I came across stunning ideas to impose curtain renovation to turn my 650 ft apartment into a paradise literally. Wann’a know how, here take a look all yourself,

Let me confess you a truth first of all. My budget was not much so I had to plan my interior decoration very wisely. Next week, my colleagues are expected to visit my new apartment as I have been thinking to throw a house party after joining a new office.

“Hmm… time to think something unique to refurbish my living room interiors!”

 That’s why I chose, cordless designed blind and shutter for defining my casement,’ which is:

  • Reasonable
  • Cool looking
  • Headache free installation
  • Complete off-beat to define the interiors in a new way

What amazed me about these draperies is they are safe to cloak the bows. Being certified and safe from every way, they changed the inward as well as the outward look of my residence. Their room darkening extra privacy mode added more leverage to these items. With an actual size of 22.5 width * 48 length they fit the window frame perfectly. Available in dark oak color their length size is also available in 64” and 72” inches. Since they are operated in a whole different way they are always your prime choice to make your interiors look dynamic.

It’s a perfect fit for my doors too, Hoooo-yaah!:

I spent a lot of time visiting a number of curio shops in Brooklyn to find something new on one of the Sunday’s to get a unique décor, but the budget was going too high. So I technically had to drop the idea.

After coming back home while I was searching the internet, all of a sudden I came across an online store where attractive curtains. They are available in trendy and popular design. Instead of thinking I chose one. The wood blinds valance clips locked my attention due to its:

  • Cordless look: The frames of my windows suitably got attached to this particular frame. It didn’t take too long for me to fix it in my window frame.

I wonder how amazing the house is going to look when halogen party bulbs and other lights will be focus on the color combination of the drapes. Modern home windows find aschim double layered blind shutters perfect cloaking to lift the asset value.

It’s no different in my apartment and finally I realized my room got the perfect party dress to flaunt its appeal. What a rejuvenated feel!

Right after buying them, I spent few hours reading in internet how to do a DIY fixing of curtains to your window. I thought it would have been one heck of a tough job. But it took only a matter of few hours for me to revive my interiors with these amazing looking drapes. It not only fuelled up the interior look of my interiors, rather it amazingly changed my apartment completely.

I was not so sure about these drapes initially, I thought probably these drapes can’t make any difference to my interiors. Later I got the realization that it would have been a terrible mistake if I didn’t choose these drapes for interior restoration.  

Adjustable holders and clips just as I needed, and trust me that came in a reasonable price

In Inwood finding a fully furnished flat in handsome dollars is quite tough. It’s the only reason why I needed something that’s reasonable. Trust me; this cordless double sheer layered shade was absolutely my kind of choice.  It suited my interiors so good that literally I felt that my home looks completely isolated from the whole world. Only the time when I’m outside I see the difference. Once I enter my house, the whole apartment turns into own world, that’s completely isolated from the rest of the activities I do.

Size is another deal whenever you choose a curtain for draping your windows. Often the fabric seems short and it fits only a portion of the casement. Again you need to think of buying another pair….

Hold on….. This curtains are so big that not only your external casements, it completely covers your kitchen bathroom living room and living room lancets too!

Yes, you heard it right. Covering the kitchen windows, living room and the dining hall lancets is no big deal. Available in different sizes like:

  • 23*72
  • 29*72
  • 27*72
  • 32*72
  • 30*72 and many more, these drapes can altogether cover the whole lancets in your house.

They are available in different colours. Choosing off-beat coloured blinds shutters for casement screening is never going to be a wise option for your interiors because,

  • They are always the right choice
  • Their sophisticated and multiple colour variety turned my home amazingly different

The white coloured background of my drawing room was a headache for me. Coz’ a paint renovation for those ceilings would have exceeded my budget. These amazing drapes fulfilled that purpose smartly. Known for their extensive quality, a brand like this turned quickly popular amongst my other colleagues too who were invited in the house party. One of them literally ordered a pair of panels instantly. That was simply amazing man!

Probably it’s the first time this has been witnessed by me that apart from renovating bathroom window blinds with aschim cordless shades, they can also be used for screening the kitchen, living room and dining hall windows too. It was one of the best interior draping ideas I got in my mind.

There was once a time when I was penniless, I always used to fantasize about a home. After getting a job it was my first priority to focus some time dedicatedly on the interior renovation.

Cordless chicology magnetic shades transformed the balcony windows of my Inwood’s rented apartment none other than a luxury holiday resort. Now I feel like enjoying Roman holiday! During the summer weekends, nothing sounds better than sitting near the balcony that’s covered with chicologic magnetic shades. They are a perfect mood tranquilizer for me. It’s primarily because,

  • My interiors wouldn’t get anything else than this to get it’s the right look
  • Light filtering fabrics added beauty to my windows after installing them for redefining my living room
  • Being a symbol of unusual fancy look and feel, the polyester quality fabric completely gave a new look and feel to my interiors

Finding a handyman is a real trouble during the weekends. They are available during the business days. And you know, taking leave for the day just for fixing the drapes, My Goodness… My boss is just going to eat me in the sandwich in the lunch!

These drapes support DIY drape restoration

As an ideal DIY choice for drape renovation, I barely needed any extra time to spend for fixing curtains in my residence. All I needed to do was just analyze the materials given with it. It took a while for me to realize how exactly I shad to fix it. It was just a matter of few hours for me to fix it in my casement. After fixing it, I literally cross-checked it from every dangle.

There’s only one thing I could tell, ‘amazing man… Even after spilling a good deal of cash, it was impossible for me to restore a look like this in your residence. 

Having children at your home and worried whether children might mess with it while playing? Duh! Don’t even think like that. These curtains are cord-free and are completely suitable for revamping your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and playrooms. Even if there’s a kid at home, fixing smart looking wooden window blinds are 100% safe and secure because,

  • Ø They are durable
  • Ø Completely safe if there’s child or children at home

Since, they are available in different variety of fabrics, choosing the right one that meets the beauty of your interior draping sense without harming the existing architectural pattern is easy for you from many ways.


A shade to cover your bedroom windows when you don’t want any kind of disturbance to compromise your sleeping hours:

It’s a proverb that a late night’s sleep lasts for a long time. It’s already daybreak and you are still sleeping. After some time when the broad daylight directly penetrates your eyelids and arrogantly compels you to open your eye wide open, it’s indeed a boring feel, right!

Roman shades curtains are primarily preferable because they are completely UV sunray protective.  Their magnetic shades can not only stop direct sun rays to penetrate your rooms, rather:

  • Keeps the room cool and maintains the atmospheric temperature of the rooms
  • Retains privacy of the occupants in the room by keeping the entire rooms isolated from the rest of the world

After that be it a wild party or any event held by your neighbors with loud music, your sleeping hours remain completely uncompromised. You always sleep peacefully with the uncompromised privacy in your bedroom. Available in precut version, the shade is available in both inside and outside mount.

Made with a superior technical specification to turn the drapes completely light filtered,  cordless chicology magnetic shades are always worth buying. Unlike other curtains that initially claims to increase the privacy of the homes, but actually doesn’t, these curtains are completely different from the rest. I realized it later after utilizing these drapes to extend the privacy mode of my personal suit bedrooms.