Melodieux Drapes on Sliding Glass Door: A Shield for Every Home

The ‘Plomo’ factor is a major concern for anyone trying to overhaul a house. Be it a rental apartment or a house that you have purchased, your fascination you will always go an extra mile to redefine it.

But the truth is defining your home with curtains might kick-start a number of queries like:


  • How come a cloak can revive a home
  • What about the maintenance
  • Is that a reliable fabric quality
  • Will it suit with the other décor items stalled in a house, etc?

The answer is yes. Because how renovation with sliding glass door drapes adds value to your residence. The amazing part of the story is during summer seasons, maximum online stores which are popular for selling house decoration cloaks, offer reasonable discounts on buying drapes.

Time to extend your knowledge on how the curtain is a suitable shield for your homes,

Protecting the rooms from the sun’s UV wrath!

Extreme heat penetrating the rooms via the casement and lancets are an irritating factor during the day. As the clock starts ticking from the morning towards the noon, it’s terrible to accommodate yourself within the room. Prior to that heat factor, thermal coated sliding glass door window treatments fight the heat aptly.

The triple weave fabric blocks more than 92% heat and UV rays. Being chemical free, their sound free quality is an added advantage for your rooms. Their privacy guarantee technique quickly raised their popularity level just to consider it as a homely stuff in maximum American homes.

Transparent screens are secretly admired by all: Transparent white colored screens always dominate your interiors. Be it for redefining your aperture or a long casement, they suit apt with your interior sense. The linen fabric quality of these drapes are always your primary choice because they are:

  • 100 % polyester made
  • Thermal insulated grommet for redefining your interiors
  • Triple-weave fabric
  • Complete machine washable

Known for its durable quality and tailored presentation, they quickly became the prime buyers choice. These cloaks are the best way to expand the visual appeal of the houses with low space factors.

Embroidered linen blackout grommet with three pattern fabric facility

Manufactured with embroidered linen blackout look, the three pattern options available in it helps your rooms to acquire best dressing sense. Cheers to such look!

Available in different sets, these (W) 100*96(L) drapes for sliding doors exits, assure dispute free fabric quality. These sliding door drapes need no rods for cloaking apertures. They are machine washable and it’s better to iron it for avoiding wrinkle marks on it.

If the color does not suit you, replacing the same material with different color is headache free. You don’t need to take the strain of going to the store again to get that done. Just replace it online via few clicks. Amazing no?

Calling a handyman and then for him/her to come and wait for the person to arrive? Duh! No way, draping turned simple with DIY blinds.

How about fixing sliding door blinds for complete DIY curtaining? It always looks for all to refurbish the interiors of your residence whenever you plan to impose DIY curtaining. But a lot of buyers have a problem with a curtaining like that. That’s primarily because,

DIY for cloaking your rooms, seriously! That’s more of a risky job… Well, not anymore. Vertical curtains are easy to fix, reasons nailed for sliding glass door with blinds installation is,

  • Custom length is available to pick right stuff meting the length of the required curtain for draping.

  • Stylish look and curved for enhancing smooth utility

  • Curtains can be easily resized while you think of interior restoration

  • Multiple color selection choices are available, for helping you to pick the right one that meets that color satisfaction choice

  • Incase storage mode enabled, for keeping the entire product safely cased if children and dogs are threat to damage the curtain blinds

  • Available in 2, 5, 10, 20,125 packs they are always a wise buy to utilize them on the variable length and width of the lancets. The rest can be rolled and folded and kept.

However, there are classified options available to keep these blinds in 10 packs and store them properly. You can utilize them for cloaking your different house bows. In case if you are looking ahead for a better look, seeking a better option is never trouble for you.

Worried about the fabric quality? Thinking that what if it gets affected prior to mildews? Well, it’s time for you now to chuck those petty worries, as these blinds are completely mildewed free. It’s the only reason responsible for getting a better option for you in the long run. Just cut those blinds in your required sizes and fix them wherever you want.

Be it a commercial property or your private homes, overhauling with vertical blinds sliding glass doors in low budget, is no big deal nowadays.

A bit of research work on various vlogs recently becoming viral nowadays on DIY smart interior blind renovation does the job easy in every way. Since the material itself is a high-quality vinyl, a pair of scissors is sufficient to tailor the shape of your blind as per your custom need.

After all, summer renovation sounds easy in your house with export quality vinyl blind fabric to define your house in a unique way.