Wireless LED with AI for multicolor illumination Review- A device every smart home needs!

LED Strip lights with Wireless Access via Smart Phone /Alexa/Google Home

Product: Wireless LED Strip Light
Price: Starts from $49
Best Price Available at: Amazon.com
FCC Certificate and UL Pass

Is it a party or a sudden birthday celebration in your house or the anniversary that has been rescheduled coz the last one got foiled?

LED strip lights are a perfect damage controller for every such occasion.
Being a smart DIY option the stress of calling an electrician has been reduced completely.

All that’s needed is to access the internet from a smart gadget, add to cart and bingo ‘BUY NOW’! 

Combined AI with home automation that’s accessible from smart phone via AP: Just a year back also nobody could imagine that Access Point of a smart phone can be used for connecting with a router Wi-Fi to access LED smart home lights.  Thanks to the amazing advancement in technology that accessing lights bulbs and tubes via your smart phone seems easy now. Just connect the adopter plug of the LED strip with the smart phone via USB wire and switch on AP (Access Point) mode.

It’s just a matter of few seconds for the lights to recognize the device via Wi-Fi, and guess what’s next? Enjoy an instant house illumination effect in your room!


Consumes 18% less energy than the usual CFL’s of your home

While other CFL’s claim that they are the apt energy saver for your homes, but the fact is the percentage of the energy hardly matters when your domestic electricity bills come. Time to change your energy consumption now! With variable options available for changing the lighting pattern, this one has 16 MILLION DIFFERENT COLOR options available.

Ability to control the brightness mode it’s suitable for:

  • Kitchens
  • Under cabinets
  • Dining room
  • Bedrooms
  • Garden Patio
  • Balcony
  • Party
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Decorative lights for holidays

All these within a single light, be it a celebrative mode or a replacement for CFL’s tube-light, they suit perfectly for every such niche associated with smart home LED lighting.

5050 Waterproof flexible with RGB lighting (UL and FCC certificate passed)  

With FCC and UL certificate passed, RGB lights are completely waterproof. Their super bright technology can lighten those areas of your house where an additional bulb is needed to brighten up the area.

Perfectly goes with DIY electrical renovation:

Bored of those same old bulbs that often blurs and demands someone to come up and remove it and replace it again just to switch on? No Kidding dude! Dump them in the garbage bin and add value to your interiors.  Primarily known for these leverages they turned popular quickly

  • Available in a long strip that can be cut and the required number of strips can be taken
  • After every 3 LED bulbs there’s a place to cut and then place them in different locations
  • That beautiful 3D effect in the room when those different lights illuminate altogether! Maaaaaaaaan, you bet watch it. It might be hard for you to recognize your home. The room’s going to look alike any popular pub or downtown Nightclubs!

It’s suitable with Alexa and Google Home: Alexa is always going to be the best mate of these smart home LED wireless lights. Just give some time to Alexa to know it.

And together they gonn’a mate up like Optimus and Bumblebee, Yo auto bots! Just ask your Alexa to On/Off. Or you are planning to ask Google Home to change color and modes.

Chill down they gonn’a do everything for you. While you enjoy another mojito or margarita sitting in your drawing room in a lazy summer afternoon, together Alexa and Maxonar LED wireless lights are going to regulate the lighting pattern of your house as per your requirement based direction.  They can also dimmer/brighten up the light mode for you.

Long time you didn’t spent time with your girlfriend in loneliness and you must need a perfect privacy for you two, right?  Gotcha mate, ‘Alexa play a romantic tune/ romantic candlelight dinner mode ON’! Feel the ambiance and enjoy some precious moments. There are more than 16 million color palette mate!

Select a color mode that suits your taste and the rest is all within hushhh hush…. Privacy mode enabled!

Alternating the access control easily as per the convenience: Accessing wireless smart home LED lights are compatible with remote access based control too! Be it a smart phone or Alexa/Google Home anything that has access to Wi-Fi can be a perfect ‘rudder’ to control LED wireless lights.

Just make your mind today and pick the right one that suits your taste from any leading online store and you know the rest! Enjoy the lighting pattern of your home. These are one heck of a mind blowing birthday/anniversary gift/ to your closed ones, soul mates/BFF’s to break the blue.

Coz’ nobody no one can remain upset to find such amazing cool looking smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) with smart home automation