Home automation is Partial without wireless LED Pucks! Ask me how?

How much you’re benefited after installing fluorescent tubes and bulbs in your house?

Of course, now you’re going to tell that the fluorescent are much better because they’re bright, available in multiple designs and styles, etc.

But if you get something more competitive than these bulbs having better look and quality, and that also within a reasonable budget that’s quite lower than fluorescent bulbs?

Did you just get a shock? Well, that’s possible because, that might just reduce your electricity bills by splitting it just into halves. Apart from that, choosing an option to fix smart led wireless lights with home automation facility unravels few other benefits also.

Expert electricians have elaborated the key benefits of installing smart wireless LEDs that’s accessible with AI.

Led Smart Tech Lightning

Taking a look through some of those,

Working late at night and your partner seems quite pissed off for keeping the lights turned on? No worries, because:

Bedside lamps are accessible with just a single ‘click’

Yes, you heard that right. Bedside lamps no longer need switches to access. Just grab the remote and point it towards the lamp your lamps are going to shut down.

Don’t want to sleep so early, but your soul mate is unable to sleep after long day’s tiring work, so what’s a big deal?

Select brightness option in the smart phone and click the option for reducing brightness and enjoy the book you’re reading.

What? You mean to say LED lights are accessible through smart phones!

Absolutely yes! Smart LEDs have advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) to connect with smart phones via Wi-Fi. Just give a little bit of effort to download led smart tech lighting app to sync with smart phone, to get connected with the wireless LED’s via Wi-Fi.

Once that’s done, your home Wi-Fi can easily connect with the wireless LED via your smart phone.

Did you ever felt like this before that once you tell ‘switch on LED/switch off LED’ and instantly the LED bulbs are responding accordingly?

If you haven’t then it’s time to start practicing a habit like that as:

Alexa/Google Home Assistant suitably works with LED bulbs through voice recognition access

If you have Google Home Assistant / Alexa, then around 50% of your problem gets solved. Coz’ connecting your Alexa with smart LED strip lights is no big deal nowadays. Just sync Alexa with your smart home automated LED strip lights via your smart phone through your home Wi-Fi and light up your interiors as per your wish.

Tell me, how often you have planned a house party with your freshman year’s/senior year’s college or school pals and cancelled it coz’ your room sucks to give a party look?

Well, it’s time to call your friends in the weekend for a beer party! Before that take some time to find out which wireless led light strips fits in your room, search through plethora of products and shortlist the right one for you.

When that’s done shake your legs as per the music rhythm of the lights. What seriously, musical rhythm of the lights?

Wireless Led Light Strips

Yes, this LED strip lights have smart AI to automate the lighting pattern as per the tune of the music playing through Alexa/Google Home Assistant.

Just ask Alexa to play any party song and let the LED strips dance on the rhythm of the tunes.

Amazing right?

Make sure to fix smart wireless led strips with AI for smart automation to light the bulbs as per the rhythm of the music playing in Alexa/Google Home Assistant.

Then only you might say reviving your house for a summer party is done.

You must be thinking is there any online store that keeps variable LED strip lights with multi colored bulbs? Of course they do! Make sure you spent some time in finding the right one that befits with the interior renovation sense of your room.

After selecting the bulb, the first thing that’s going to hit your mind is where to fix the bulbs, right?

Gotch’a! One additional benefit of LED strip light is, fixing LED’s are easy, that’s why it’s installation in domestic premises is no big deal.

Try out some of these to install LED lights with remote sensor AI facility enabled,

  • Next to kitchen cabinets, closer to meat safe
  • Bedside tables and cabinets are another place for placing smart LED’s
  • Even landscapes look perfect with LEDs’ installed at night.

There are plenty of destination in a room for installing smart LEDs’, if you lack proper light renovation ideas, hire someone who’s best for the job. Take suggestions on how to restore the interior lights with smart LEDs’ having smart AI automation.

Just remain a bit careful before going ahead to choose wireless remote control led lights with home automation access, having smart AI for operating domestic appliances easily.

With a remote control ability to access maximum LEDs’ it’s easy to shoot the remote control from specific distance towards the light just to switch it on. There are multiple modes available for operating the LED bulbs. The auto sensor in it instantly gets stimulated at once the remote control is switched on/off.

If you’re still unable to find right light for renovating your house before a weekend party, this auto sensor enabled lights must meet your purpose suitably!

They are economic, trendy smart and a perfect companion for every smart home where AI is enabled to automate domestic appliances.

To know more about LED strip lights comment in the box below to help you know your taste. We’ll come back with those blogs that you want us to share.

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