Get started with Bond smart home automation to access home appliance!

Commercial electricity bills are a real menace your home always. Don’t tell me, electricity bills got trimmed because you keep your switches off whenever you are not at home!

No lying! How many times it happened that you’re office cab is waiting and you had to rush out of your home leaving the switches on? Happened a number of times right! Of course, that’s normal. Who has got time to think whether you switched off all the lights or not before leaving your home for an urgent office meeting?

Frankly speaking, nobody, if you ask me I’ll say I literally dump an approx estimate of 8.5 grands USD$ per month in garbage for hefty electricity bills. Seriously, no kidding! 

Time to be a pro now and fix bond smart home automation for smart home appliance access, and how’s that possible?  Smart home includes adding advanced technical features to turn your home more advanced and technologically superior. Before fixing smart home automation, just make one thing sure that your house has got concealed wiring and cabling. Coz’ even if a minute technical disruption pops up, it’s not possible for you to find out the source of the technical fault in the wiring setup.

When that’s done, it’s all about bringing home ‘bond the latest home automation system’
for connect the things you haven’t connected till now! Time to peep through those

Hands-free access to regulate ceiling fans

One of the latest innovations of smart automation is to control your ceiling fans handsfree!
What are you’ kidding me? I’m no Captain America or Mr. Stark or Magneto either to access the electrical appliances hands-free!

You heard me, bro. It’s possible. After all, who wants to go and access the ceiling fan, again and again, c’ mon’ man time to be a bit smart in your actions, it’s the age of becoming smart and technically pro dude!

Do take the strain to plug in the device and then shoot the remote towards the bond- your only automated sensor device, and instantly see how your ceiling fan works. Compatible to connect altogether 6 devices at a time, it’s a perfect energy saver deal for you. The moment you’re leaving your house, just make sure you’re connected to it via the app installed in your smartphone.

Choose the lights and the appliances to switch on and those to put off. Customize them as per your requirement. The rest you know!!! Don’t you Huh?!

Perfect plug-in and play

With excessively easy control features, this device works perfectly once it’s plugged somewhere in the house. Just one thing has to be secured that the switchboard where it’s connected must have safe wiring and cabling. It’s better to fix and stall heat resistant wires for those switchboards to avoid accidental hazards and shot circuit. When that’s done, enjoy your smart tech home, where you just need to click smartly…… The rest, well ‘Mr. Bond will take care of!’

Equipped with intelligence to work within 2500 sq feet of your home, you can stay connected with it via its infrared capacity; it can easily connect with your home ceiling fans as well as your fire place.

This device has upgraded AI (Artificial Intelligence) to recognize your voice whenever you need to switch on or off the lights or the ceiling fans as per your requirement. Once that’s done, be it about regulating your house or about controlling the fireplace, the smart home automation will execute it without any flaw.

Time for you to be smart if you haven’t brought home automation device at your home still, here take the look:

Supports with Alexa and Google Home for better voice recognition based control and access

Those who already have Alexa at home, for them voice-based AI in home automation is not a new thing. Well, if you’re one of them, trust me, Bond and Alexa, together they will turn your home into a fifth generation house. All you just have to do is connect them with one another with a wireless connectivity system that’s compatible with both of them to connect and communicate with one another.

You can instantly see the after effect of smart home automation right after that. Though there are number of devices for turning the entire electrical set up of your home under the control of smart home automation and artificial intelligence.

Amongst those home automations, its a billion dollar worth deal to choose bond smart home automation for accessing home appliance smartly because,

  • They comes with a full 1 year warranty
  • Perfect for making your home into a complete hot-spot that runs wire free
  • A nexus of every electrical appliances to get energized without additional electricity consumption

  • Putting a steady check by monitoring your per unit power consumption, by cutting down commercial electricity bill

Most amazing benefit of this device is, they are easy to sync with the smart i-Phones and android phones. Download the app simply and then connect it with the device after clicking ‘OK’ to the new notification that pops on your smart phone ‘New device found’!

Now you might think that ‘what that sounds more of a Wi-Fi device?’ Yes… you can call that from a perspective. That’s because, this one is a perfect minion to connect with 6 devices. Your home Wi-Fi router can be also one of those devices.

With ultra modern additional technical capacity enabled, this device always acts as a smart tech for communicating with:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Fireplace heat regulatory access control
  • Tablet
  • Smart phone (i-Phone &Android)

At the same time it can easily monitor and regulate fan, Air Cooler as well as other home appliances at the same time.  

Maximum Americans have chosen devices like this already by now to turn their home a perfect spot of smart home automation integrating with artificial intelligence.

Now it’s your turn to choose and connect those devices with smart home automation which you think can’t be connected. Cheerio!  They are available in major online stores now to buy!