Face book Portal Review – Video Chatting and Calling is Hands Free Now!

Product: Facebook Portal / Portal + Review
Price:  179$
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Warranty Period: 90 days

Finally the much awaited Facebook Portal and Portal+ was accepted in USA market pretty good with its enhanced features. It has been widely accepted among buyers all over USA and you won’t believe it was literally sold like hot cakes. With the Facebook Messenger coming completely Hands-Free Video Calling with Alexa Built-in for accessing video calls with smart voice sensors, it has been improvised a lot.

Before the product launched in United States in last October 2018, Zuckerberg, in one of the pre-product promotion shows referred ‘Facebook portal’ a private social platform’ that’s highly secured with strong encrypted data policy to protect user’s private chats and offers a flexible cross app interface functionality with zero chances of inter operatability.

It has customized privacy settings, smart video calling, ability to tune up the voice of the people in an ongoing conversation with one another by reducing the background of the other noises and many more amazing features that you won’t dare to miss!

One biggest concern of maximum Facebook users was its privacy. Be it your smart phone is getting robbed or due to ignorance when you forget to logout from your Facebook account, there’s a high chance for its security level to get compromised.

The moment it encounters with any third person, whoever gets an easy pass to access your personal data, chat, post, it’s easy for the intruder to turn your entire Facebook account into a hacker’s den!

That’s why, this time Zuckerberg took no risk while launching Facebook Portal for hands-Free video calling with Alexa built-in to revivify privacy issues. He made one thing sure this time that the data won’t be compromised under any circumstances.

With more than 2.2 million active Facebook users all over the world privacy of the data or information is a big issue now!

That’s why,

Video calls are encrypted and the camera, microphones avoid using Facebook servers

Which means technically it does not hold any record of your conversations. The camera and the microphones are solely based on the AI that’s running on your home Wi-Fi router. So technically, you don’t need any IP address name for accessing the Facebook Portal, right! Just make sure that your Facebook and Messenger account is active and then,

GO FOR UNLIMITED CHATTING and Hands-Free Video Calling with Alexa Built-in Facebook Portal. After all it’s completely free!

The camera and the microphones don’t have any access to fetch any of your personal data or information about you, and are prohibited from identifying you. Just add your friends in a group call or a group video chat and make your moments as you want.

Thinking about how you’re going to catch up with more than two or three friends’ altogether?

Relax buddy! You can add up to 7 people in your video chat sessions with Fabook Portal and Portal +, but they should be there in your Facebook friendlist. Or else, you might be out of luck.

When your entire data is secured and once the conversation ends, there’s no such tracker to track your conversations, what else is bothering you?

Haven’t placed your order yet? Then do it now!

According to one of the buyers who bought it on the second day after the launch, it’s no big deal to remain awake throughout the night for ordering the Portal+ as it’s worth buying”!

After all, that effort is negotiable when you get unlimited video calling sessions with additional Built-in Alexa and that also completely hands-free! Yes you heard that right!

Surely, the Game of Thrones followers were not that much maniac about downloading the season right after their release from the Torrent sites, you bet that?

Now the real competition started!

With the additional features like in built voice calling, both Google and Amazon want a bite from that ‘luscious cake’ to own a partnership with world’s largest social networking site. That might just unleash the real ‘battle behind the brands’ in automation market. After all, nobody wants to miss this unprecedented opportunity if it hikes the market value of these two giant automation manufacturing companies by 2 to 3%. 

Clearly Facebook is on the move to hack a clean profit margin in US market!

Now the question is, will this product fetch a fat bottom line profit margin for Facebook or it’s too much privacy concerns are going to backfire the product within next few months?

Well, time will say that.

Whether to thank the Facebook Portal/Portal + with hands free video calling or built in Alexa that has turned automation market more competitive or consider it a close pitch battle it is a different thing altogether.

However, there is no denial of the fact that, for the competitive brands like Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa, it’s outstanding features are going to be appraised worldwide.

Its exclusive features are elaborated below:

Display:  10.1 inches 
Measurement:  9.84 x 8.20 x 3.68 inches for Portal and 8.78 x 17.1 x 3.68 inches for Portal +
Camera: 12 Megapixel with 140 degree view and Portal + is: 12 Megapixel with 140 degree view
Resolution: 720 P HD (1200*800) and Portal+ is 1080P HD (1920*1080)
Audio: 10 Watts (2 full range drivers) and Portal+ is 20 watts (2 twitters with 4-inch bass)

Now, shooting a straight forward question,

Who needs a Portal when they have smart phones where already Facebook Messenger is installed, video calls are free. Bla bla ….

We know that! But a Hands-Free Video Calling with Alexa Built-in Facebook Portal and Portal + has got some real extra ability, that turned this semi-automated device viral. Let’s dive through some of those,

It’s primarily meant for video chat though, but its reach is more than Echo or Google Home Assistant

Primarily Facebook Portal and it’s next Portal + version was meant for video chat but actually it’s more of a toy for home sick’ people. Grandparents staying away from their grand children, friends living overseas and away from one another, siblings unable to connect frequently with one another via phones due to opposite time zones are the actual beneficiary of Hands Free Video Calling with Alexa Built-in for dapper Facebook Messenger calling.

But now it has exceeded beyond that reach of smart Facebook Messenger calling only and  turned a steady competitor of Echo Plus and Google Home Assistant, because,

Having a Wi-Fi router at home, accessing Portal / Portal+ is dead easy. Its additional ability to begin a hands-free video calling conversation by using smart built-in Alexa, that starts the device with a simple Hi Portal/Portal+turns the device on. Whether you’re cooking, doing your routine aerobics, connecting with your children and family, it’s just about a simple “Hi”.

Amazing isn’t it?

What’s this Portal and who can use it?

Primarily used as a video chat device, it has a smart display and its AI is much smarter than Amazon Alexa and Google Home. People located at different time zones are the righteous owner of this device for connecting with their close friends, family members via Portal.  

However, if you’re working or studying and staying overseas and frequently miss your grandparents or parents, get a Facebook Portal/Portal+ for Hands-Free Video Calling with Alexa Built-in today to feel at home even if you’re miles away from your family members.

Stay connected with live video chat always!

Initially it was launched to ameliorate the utility of Messenger via smart video call with:

  • Smart camera having full 140 degree field view that consoles hands free chat experience to move and talk freely

  • Smart lenses to pan and further zoom the camera on those who are in a live chat with one another over video call with enhanced microphone to catch the conversation between two entities.

  • Smart security to bulwark the information shared in between two people over a live video call as the calls are encrypted.

However, cameras of the Portal and Portal+ have limited access that can be customized further. Disabling the camera and microphone is easy with a single tap to clump the camera lenses form use.

Dauntless privacy to secure personal info

An around 70% active Facebook user among 2.2 billion (approx) Facebook users of the world responded to Portal / Portal + positively because of its bolstered security system.

Unlike any IP address to track the information and data of anyone the AI of the Portal has been forcefully narrowed down to deprive it from tracking the personal information of the user. The moment a video/audio chat is ended the entire data gets encrypted and that makes it impossible to track.

There’s lies Zuckerberg’s success!

Built in Alexa to control your smart home appliances via connected Wi-Fi

In built Alexa/Google Home Assistant to coordinate smartly with the user’s voice is another reason for its worldwide positive response.  

Just by setting your Wi-Fi router it’s easy to connect Facebook Portal with the Alexa that’s already built in the hardware. The smart AI of Portal instantly captures your direction the moment you ask it to play a song in Spitifiy, iHeart Radio, Pandora from smart Bluetooth devices.

In short its smart AI is really snappy enough to spruce a bed time story telling session for kids. Children fond of their grandparents and can’t sleep at night without listening to the bedtime stories from classic s like Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood always find a revised script in front of them for continuing with the story telling session for kids.

Natty video and audio sensors

Switching from audio to video and from video to audio is another easy factor for Facebook Portal and Portal+. With a pair of drivers to kick out 10 watts in Portal and in Portal + a single 4 inch bass driver creates best sound effect via virtual microphones.

Its beam forcing technology solaces that its video and audio sensors are much quick and reactive than Echo Plus so that the voice can be heard clearly even if the speakers in a live video or audio call are at a distance.

Connecting with 7 callers at a time in a group call

Portal+ and Portal can connect up to 7 callers in a group call which makes it complete when friends and family members meet together in a group video/audio call after a long time.

With additional AI to pan and zoom lenses on the activities that you’re doing, it’s easy to connect the individual with you via smart phone, tablet or gadget. That’s one of the biggest benefits of the Portal.

To know more about the product check out the official page of Facebook Portal and do let us know in the comment box given below for knowing further reviews about such smart home gadgets and appliances. Don’t forget to share!

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