Beat the summer heat with remote Controlled Fans Now!

Are you fed up of turning the regulators of your ceiling home fan?

Relax then, it’s time to give rest to your fans and finally think of something really cool that’s going to accelerate the motors of your ceiling fan just through a ‘smart click’!

Really, Don’t Joke man! Coz’ summer months in the county sides are the most roguish days of the year. It’s like a blast furnace when there’s no fan in the room. And twisting your fan regulator every time might just damage the valve.

Well, it’s time to get smarter with top home automation for controlling appliances, especially your home ceiling fan, lights.

Abandon the idea of switches to control the domestic appliances because,

Who want old fashioned switches when smart gadgets control domestic appliances?

Hold on…. There’s more to come which you probably didn’t expect your smart gadget to do all alone.

Home Automation System

Nailing them one by one, but first let’s start with,

Remote controlled ceiling fan speed: Your boy/girl won the interschool rugby championship and right when he/she is entering the room, the poor thing is sweating!

Time to switch on the fans right, but wait, stop… You have the smart gadget right on your pal.

So, how does that switches on the fan?

Simple, connect home Wi-Fi to download app and enjoy benefits of smart home automation in room by turning it a cooler place to live. Does that sound too hard?

A number of queries instantly pop up in your mind; let me guess the most primary one,

‘Is it going to work with my house appliance also?’ Of course yes, just a standard Wi-Fi connectivity is needed to connect the smart phone with the home sensor. The rest you don’t have to worry about. The device is going to take care of the ceiling fan motor.

Ever experienced the frustration of sitting close to the switchboard while an interesting action movie is live streaming in home theatre?

Be it for a pizza break or for anything else, it’s a headache to switch on/off the lights!

So chuck that idea of LED’s with old schooled wiring setup where switches exist. The C-Bus wires/optic fiber cables are cheap now. It won’t take more than few working hours to fix smart LED’s that are energized via home sensors.  The concealed C-Bus/optic fiber cables escape maximum external visibility, so there’s no chance for the inner appeal of the room to get hampered.

It’s the only reason to choose

Smart sensors for home LED automation with remote access

LED bulbs are a smart choice for automate the lights. A number of times electricity bills might be a nightmare for you when these lights remain switched on for hours and at the end of the month the energy bills pour a hole in your wallet.

Trust it or not, once you install best home automation system to energize LED’s, the domestic power consumption bills might get lower.

So, you’re in a hurry and forgot to switch off the lights?

Not a fuss anymore. Pick your smart phone connect it with home Wi-Fi, just before leaving the home in hurry, switch on/off the preferable ones as per your wish. Just check the electric bills coming at the end of the month. It’s going to split directly into halves.


The most amazing feature of this automation sensor is,

The device is that easy to fix that even a kid can go for DIY installation and the device works with Alexa /Google Home Assistant.

What? Yes, you heard that right.

Voice Recognition Home Automation

All you have to do is just take the strain to direct Alexa to ‘switch on/off the lights’. Just like a lil’e daddy’s girl she’s gonna regulate the ceiling fan regulator, access smart LED lights, etc. 

However, the smart Google assistant is also compatible with sensor-enabled automated devices like this.  With voice recognition ability enabled, they are capable to understand preferable taste and choice of the owners.

So right after entering home from work, completely tired and weak you grab a beer can first. The next thing is switch on the television, till this its fine.

But right after seeing the low speed of the fan the first thing that clicks your mind is ‘maen…
lets tune up the regulator and you’re just about to go access the switch. Hang on….

Stop taking the strain to reach the regulator switch! Just reach the Alexa/Google Home Assistant and direct them to ‘Switchon/off the LED/ ceiling fan’. However you can choose the device options that you want to control via your smart sensor.

You mean to say am I going to tell ‘Alexa/Google Home Assistant switch off the bedside light/ increase ceiling fan speed, seriously?

Bingo, that’s what everyone does.

Just pair the smart gadget/tablet/ smart phone etc. with the sensor automation device via Wi-Fi. Prefer the devices first after pairing the device with smart phone to recognize the appliances installed in your home.

Once that gets done, utilize Alexa/Google Home Assistant voice recognition home automation via AI sensors to energize ceiling fan/LEDs’ wisely. Summer has come and it has literally left nothing to burn during the daytime. If you’re a sufferer of the heat, it’s time to put an end to your suffering right after entering your home.

Smarten your home appliances with smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) sensors to automate low voltage consuming appliances.