Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7 Day Programmable Thermostat Review – Smarten Your Rooms Now!

Ask Alexa to Automate Room Temperature Today-With Honeywell Thermostat

Product: Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF)
Price: US$ 88.99
Best Price available at:
Best thing About the Device: Quick Temperature Control Facility + Accessible from smart phone+ suitable with Alexa perfectly

Summer has already come and it’s time for you to cool down the climate within the four walls of your room, but who wants to miss the single scene of Game of Thrones’s final episode after grabbing the chilled Heineken beer can? Technically nobody gonn’a do that, seriously!

Well, nobody is asking you to get up, just tell ‘Alexa, switch thermostat on’ and trust me surely Alexa knows what to do next?

Yes, you heard me right dude, No kidding! Accessing smart Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF) automation is no big deal now, because,


Wouldn’t you love to say Alexa/Google assistant/IFFTTT ‘Adjust the temperature to 34 Degree’ and see the room temperature getting auto adjusted instantly?

Yes, one amazing benefit of this device is its perfectly obedient tech-bot that does anything that you ask it to do if you’re too lousy to get up and do that for you like:

  • Switching on the fan

  • Changing the regulator of the Auto temperature control switch

  • Setting the temperature to a specific point
  • Utilize your latest AI device Alexa/Google Assistant to access it’s automation algorithm

Available in a single kit they are always your primary tool to automate your residence just the way you want.

Came back home after a nasty brawl with the boss just to see that your domestic maid took day off! Kids gone to see Endgame Latest franchise of Avengers Series…

That moment you feel isn’t there a single person to fetch you a bloody glass of water at least? Nope…. no hope, but how about seeing  pre programmable Thermostat has already known your taste well before and just after entering the room it has changed the temperature level to your preferable degree?

That’s one of the major reasons for DIY installation of Honeywell Home WI-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF) to access room temperature. Equipped with every kind of smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) to set pre programmable features, setting the thermostat programming before 7 days is easy. Being the latest example of smart house automation, a pre-adjustable 7 day programming facility with 4 program periods can be set. Availability of smart Wi-Fi access operates your thermostat without a single dispute or hassle.

That turns your house a nexus where home automation is blended with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

And again… right like just any other day  you forgot to get your raincoat, but there’s still time left for the meeting to held, meanwhile if you see the local weather status from your thermostat via smart web app, how’z that going to be?

Yes, that’s what 7 Day programmable Home Thermostat (RTH6580WF) does, once connected with Wi-Fi router. Getting the weather update for next few hours is an easy thing now. With a smart intellect to determine the weather condition in the location/city/county wherever you live, it can well intimate you about the updated climatic changes instantly.

Say for e.g. if there’s a storm approaching and already there’s a clear pre-indication of a storm, the device is going to reflect it well before.

If it’s a weekend and a sudden night-out is planned, it’s easy to step back if the climate is too rough. During the winter months after setting out of your home for work, excessive snowfall might be a chaos for road-traffic.

While driving through the runway, excessive snowfall might lower down visibility percentage, driving through one such situation is one real big deal.

But that’s no more a trouble now? Why…. Coz’ smart home programmable thermostat has best AI (Artificial Intelligence) of weather forecasting to:

  • Change your driving route when you’re heading towards somewhere all of a sudden a snow storm update pops up in your smart phone

  • Being compatible with smart phones and other weather apps or web portals, with a standard accessibility of internet, these internet of things can notify a rogue climate well before you face it

  • If you’re planning a party and expecting the guests to arrive, the rendezvous can be called off if the weather update shows too hostile climate

In short, with a smart thermostat installed, apart from regulating the internal temperature you can also moderate your schedule and engagements depending upon climatic conditions outside.

Now you might think that after buying the product the installation cost might drain out cash of your wallet like flood water. No way dude! Smart thermostats are the best DIY for your smart homes, let’s find out why?

Smart thermostats are quite easy and cool for DIY installation and fix. The package contains screw, wall plate, anchors and quick start guide which makes fixation easy. Just read the manual of the quick start guide before installing the thermostat, after that plug in, click and play…..

However you can also get your Alexa synchronized with it and ask your Alexa to ‘Turn On/Off, Set the temperature at 23 Degree, or enable auto cooling mode, etc’ as per your convenience. The thermostat and Alexa will take care of the rest! Cool right?

Enjoy the room ambiance with amazing looking thermostats for cooling down the temperature during summer and make it warmer during the colder months. Buying shipping and ordering them from online turned incredibly easy now!

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