5 ‘Uncanny’ Ways to Rekindle Your Garage door with Remote Access!

Whether you own a Ferrari or not nobody cares, nowadays. But if your garage door is very shabby old looking and backdated, definitely your neighbors are going to taunt you when you literally sweat in this summer for opening and closing the garage doors!

So, when right from the coffee maker to the air cooler, thermostat to the home LED’s have got automated, what’s wrong in automating your garage doors?

After all, you can’t deny the benefits of fixing remote control garage door opener in smart home, for accessing garage doors easily.

Earlier it was a hectic job to open the garage door, park the car, and then again take it out. If something goes wrong you can hurt your legs or the arms while pulling up and down that heavy iron shutter doors!

But now it has turned amazingly easy because automated garage doors have opened gateway to transform an ordinary looking home into a smart house.

What would you do after waking up at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, the moment your smart alarm reminds you of an urgent board meeting with the directors at your office?

Probably, you would run have to abandon your coffee mug and rush to your office!

During that rush, would you go and hold the garage door to pull it up and pull it down again after taking out your car, you won’t be able to reach the office by then, right!

That’s why you need,

A robotic door that opens from all sides

Rearing back your car and then further parking it in your garage is all difficult task. A smart garage door opener must be accessible from all sides. Nobody wants to take an effort to manually pull down/up the garage door after dressing up to attend a party just to take the car out of the garage. Auto door openers are the best choice for meeting such purpose.

Your neighbors must realize that your taste is classy and elegant after all.

‘Coming back late from your work at night and don’t want to bother the kids and your wife who’s sleeping after coming back from office completely tired? No worries, these automated doors make low noise. Complete hush…hush… hush….!

So kids are done with their homework and probably they are completely numb in their sleep when the temperature is -45 degrees outside. In such a cold chilling winter night your ‘honey’ won’t be waiting for you to come back home and have your dinner.

So you’re that unlucky creep who work late in office and prepare your next presentation for your client? Now you’re coming back to home, but hush… hush hush….!

You don’t want to wake up anyone right? Then you need something that’s a perfect cover to find the best stealth mode to hide your presence. If your honey finds you arrived late at this time of night, surely that will wake her up from sleep.  Even the kids might wake up…. But you don’t want to affect their comfortable sleep on such a chilly winter night right?

Relax, this door opener sensors with AI emits low sound, which can never wake anyone whoever is in deep snooze!

One of the benefits of home security systems installation with smart AI is their less sound emission which is a complete one stop solution to automate your garages. That has made the access to smart garages completely headache free.

Now, nobody gets bothered even if you come late from your work, because you have the smart garage door openers for opening your garage whenever you’re coming late from your work.

Consumes minimum electricity

The first query that strikes your mind is, how much power does it consume, will it put a hole in my savings wallet?

Dam’n no! Just a standard DC output is enough to power-up these automated garage doors.

With an option to select AC as well as DC power, garage openers need a standard output to energize. An even DC power unit with battery backup is going to work perfectly with these automated openers.

If you’re peeping in your wallet, then you don’t need to think about the electricity consumption needed for it. Just one-third, one-half or a three-quarter of the horsepower is sufficient for operating smart garage doors.

Just calculate the horsepower before fixing the smart auto garage door openers. If that’s done, enjoy your new toy at home!

Customized product to access it easily

Often buyers get confused to buy the automated door openers, as they remain clueless to understand which one should they order?

It’s easy to choose the suitable one from multiple options available near you,

Primarily there are three types of drive systems available to automate garage doors, they are:

  • Belt drive|: With a rubber base trolley system, it’s compatible with fiberglass, polymer materials. Garage doors with robotic functionality needed in residences befits the purpose suitably. It’s suggestible for those homes, where the bedroom is right above the garage. Though, it’s a bit expensive deal.
  • Chain drive|: Though a bit noisy stuff, but its durability is undoubtedly guaranteed. It’s a chain belt drive that’s affordable and less costly than the belt drive. Though it takes comparatively more time to open up, but its manual access can’t be overlooked. Prior to any technical trouble, if the power is down, they can be used manually too!
  • Screw Drive|:  With advanced mechanism than the above two, it runs on threaded rod mechanism. Just a few screws are needed to fix and right after that, it functions perfectly.  The materials needed for it to fix is less. Unlike the chain and the belt drive which are though undoubtedly good, but if the belt is jammed, the device might break. Whereas, screw drive belts are less noisy than the above two and need maintenance.

The maintenance of the screw drives are easy, just lubricate it twice a week properly. However, it’s better to avoid this belt system if the garage door is too heavy, there’s a high chance for the screw head to wear out.

Now, it’s up to you to choose which automated secure garage door opener meets your requirement aptly. Consider every factor properly before picking the right one.

Uncompromised speed guaranteed

With more than twice speed that an average garage door opener takes for closing and opening a garage door, smart garage doors are the best option for those who are always in a hurry to use their cars for their engagements.

You need to drop the kids at school, after that your honey has her usual ‘salsa’ classes and then you are going to reach your office. Oops that’s a long way.

So technically, you need something swift to open and close your garage doors to access your car from garage and then parking it again, which turns the entire process headache free.

Think for instance, you have thrown a home party and everyone came, except a few. When the music is loud, the party is going hard, some are even in the pool with chilled margarita or Malibu shot enjoying the pool party and then… the rest of the guest arrive and one of them might ask you to open the garage door for parking their car inside.

You mean to say; just to open a garage door you are going to move your fat ass? No way,

Access your automated garage doors just with a single click from your smart phone

Accessing automated garage doors with a single click is always easy when you have steady Wi-Fi facility at your home. Just put the Wi-Fi device within the synchronizing range of the smart door opener. Click the smart phone to synchronize and connect the smart phone with your automated garage opener, it might take a bit of time if you’re doing it for the first time. Then it’s just about connecting a smart toy to ‘click & play’!

It’s important to realize which smartphone controlled garage door opener is reliable to use before fixing it. If needed take some time to realize the importance of seeking the right one in the long run for making the right choice in the long run.

Consider these factors well, before purchasing a smart automated garage door opener for opening and closing your garage doors at ease. After all it reduces your effort, increases efficiency and adds better comfort level to access home automation!